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Dianne C. Braley

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Dianne Cabelus Braley is a registered nurse, freelance writer and missing persons specialist who has blogged in the genre of true crime...



That was quite a rollercoaster to read, very emotional and powerful, it actually made me feel choked up a few times. It was so gritty and achingly real and gave me a new perspective on my own dad's current battle with alcoholism. Seeing a character struggle with trying to cope with and forgive the people she loves for their weaknesses is very compelling and validating to so many people who suffer through the same or similar problems. George is very sympathetic, and I just wanted things to go right for her. You can tell that her upbringing left her rough around the edges, but that inside she really did care about people once she gave herself time to acknowledge it. Her interactions with Mr. S. were very sweet, two hardened people depending on each other for stability. Dock was a very eye-opening character. He started out carefree and strong, and then his addictions slowly ate away at him and affected George too. I got angry that he hid things from George but I understood his anger and secrecy came from panic and fear. It was a bit scary to read about a character who is so likable but so toxic. It's very well written.

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