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As a yoga teacher, I have found Circles of Healing to be a valuable source of inspiration and information as I work with a variety of students. It supports my main goal of treating each person as an individual so I can design a yoga practice that best fits their current situation and goals.

The six sections cover all stages of life, aging with grace, special populations such as cancer and stroke patients, post traumatic stress sufferers, just to list a few. The index is extensive and provides easy access to the many ideas presented. Circles of Healing is an important reference for anyone working in the field of health, for both prevention and treatment.

Lynne Graham, Retired Elementary School teacher

I enjoyed reading Circles of Healing by Wendy Hammarstrom. As a pediatrician I see the importance of caring touch for children of all ages and especially appreciated the attention she gave to NICU babies. Her chapter on caring for mothers who care for infants is excellent.

Robert Bissell, M.D.

Wendy has distilled 35 years of experience in the healing, movement and visual arts into Circles of Healing. There is something in this book for everyone. Circles of Healing shares simple ways to take care of ourselves and others in many pertinent situations. It is useful for the layperson and practitioner alike. Wendy's use of color (on the cover) and mandalas gives a beautiful touch that delights the eye and nourishes the spirit.

Mary Louise Muller- Course Director, LifeShapes Institute

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